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I'm Erika


Erika is an International Best Selling Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, intuitive (psychic medium), licensed massage therapist, and Usui Reiki Master. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, stepdaughter, and their Goldendoodle, Rocky.

Erika is an avid camper and lifelong learner, and she loves cooking and gardening with her family. She truly enjoys serving people and witnessing them as they heal themselves. Erika works with oracle decks, crystals, and her spiritual team to help give her clients the best possible outcome to identify and feel complete with it.

My Approach

For Your Mind, Body, And Soul…

A Kickstart To Happiness!

Let me help you change your life on an abyssal level. Let’s find yourself all over again. I help women transform their lives not just by looking into their habits and behaviors but by digging deeper. So instead of welcoming, whatever happens, let it be, let me help you in achieving what you want for yourself.

Giving your life a spiritual perspective leads to feeling the power inside you. I aim to clear out your roadblocks, reveal your true life purpose, and get the life you always meant to have. My spiritual sessions will help you heal your old wounds and help you find who you actually are.

Move into a brighter and better future and start taking responsibility for a meaningful life. The things you give attention to actually grow, so it’s essential to avoid negativities and judgements and take a charge on positives.

You might be going through a divorce, struggling with a mid-life crisis, or recently losing someone you love. My intuitive gifts will make you feel safe while opening up, and you’ll find it easier to talk about your fears and past traumas.

I’m here to help you!

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