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Erika Olson

Psychic Life Coach | Massage Therapist

Erika is an International Best Selling Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, intuitive (psychic medium), licensed massage therapist, and Usui Reiki Master. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and stepdaughter, along with their Goldendoodle, Rocky.


 Yvette - March 7, 2023

"Wowza!! You are gifted!!! And beautiful and open! Thank you!! I felt safe and heard and vulnerable in the most safest way, while we did the pre-session interview. You told me what to expect during the session and how things are different for everyone. Thank you for that! I felt like I was awake the whole time and the whole process took about 15 minutes, but really it was about 2 hours. Time doesn’t exist. Yet again I was able to experience that! So beautiful!! I was able to find deep rooted traumas and safely feel them and heal from them. I was able to get clarification on other things that are current topics in this life. It was such a beautiful and safe session. I can’t wait until my next!"

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