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Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Coach

Do a quick Google search for a coach and you’ll find pages of people waiting to cheer you on to your biggest goals. Finding the right coach at the right time is important when you are investing time, energy, and money. There are some key things to remember when choosing a coach. Things like-

  • Why their personality matters

  • What’s their track record?

  • What’s the ROI?

Find a coach whose personality matches your needs. It doesn’t matter if someone is the top in their field if you don’t vibe with them. Picking a coach is not just about experience, it’s about compatibility. It’s important to find a coach that compliments your personality. People are drawn to or repelled by others for good reason. Be sure to consider how the coach’s personality will dovetail with your own. Here are some things to consider-

  • If your coach is an extrovert and you are an introvert, it could cause challenges between expectations and follow-through.

  • If your coach is blunt and you tend to be sensitive, it could affect how you engage in coaching

  • If you expect a lot of touch points during coaching- texting, emails, etc… and your coach doesn’t embrace it, there could be a compatibility problem.

Make sure you know what personality traits matter most to you when you are interviewing your coach so you can determine if you both will work well together.

Make sure your coach has a proven track record- You’d be amazed at how compelling marketing can be. Fancy graphics, great pics, and a well-written copy can give you a false sense of security when it comes to hiring a coach. Be sure to check the coach’s credentials, past client successes, and ask for referrals you can connect with before signing up for coaching. If you are hiring a coach to teach you how to make six figures in business, you’d better be certain they have been making six figures themselves for a significant amount of time.

What return can you expect on your investment- Coaching often creates a fork in the road. A decision must be made on how much to invest in coaching as compared to how much you can expect to make in return. Sure, there are some forms of coaching that won’t pay you back dollar for dollar. Weight loss isn’t going to put your investment back in the bank, but you are definitely getting an ROI. Make certain that whatever you are paying will yield you the return you deserve for your investment. Be sure to hire the right coach that will give you the most bang for your buck based on what you are capable of learning from them at this moment in time.

Choosing a coach can feel overwhelming. They likely all seem bright and shiny and have plenty to offer. Narrowing down your search to consider how well you mesh together, how successful they’ve been for themselves, and whether or not your investment makes sense for the expected return helps. Use these criteria for selecting the best coach for your needs.

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