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Three Tips for Getting the Most out of Coaching

There are unlimited ways to get coaching these days. One internet search will produce thousands of results for all forms of coaching. Finding coaching is easy, but getting the most out of coaching….not so much. Getting the most out of coaching has more to do with you than it does with your coach. Assuming your coach is reputable and knows how to deliver excellent coaching, the rest is going to be up to you.

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of coaching before you dive in

First Tip: Find the right coach

Second Tip: Listen more than you talk

Third Tip: Stick with it

Find the right coach- Finding the right coach for your needs is the most important part of coaching. If you don’t have the right coach for the job, it simply won’t work. You wouldn’t hire a fitness coach to teach you to potty train a toddler. Be sure to research and find the right coach for your needs.

The right coach should specialize in what you need most. Try to find a coach with a niche as close to what you need as possible. Hiring a business coach is great but hiring a business coach who specializes in copywriting when you need to develop a newsletter makes the most sense.

Listen more than you talk- Let the coach do their thing. Coaching isn’t therapy. You need to allow the coach to take you on the journey to what you hired them for. Let them teach you, coach you, and educate you so you can take in as much during your coaching time as possible.

The right coach should offer materials that supplement their coaching. People learn in many ways, and having supporting materials can help. If your coach offers videos, slide decks, audios, and one to one coaching, use it all to help you achieve your goals. Use your time to take in as much info as possible without being distracted.

Stick with it- People give up coaching way too soon. Stick with your coach and make a plan together to evaluate your coaching along the way to ensure it’s a win-win. Nothing happens overnight so be willing to invest in your future and stick with coaching until you hit your goals.

The right coach will help you evaluate your progress and give you feedback along the way on whether or not you are closer to or farther away from your goals. Checking in can help you make any changes that will keep you on track. Don’t give up when it gets tough or it seems like things aren’t working. Communicate and stick with it.

There are great coaches out there. Once you find one, you’ve got to do your part to get the most of out coaching. Follow these three tips to be sure you get the best coaching out there and that you make the most of your investment.

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